Hypnosis for fear of elevators is more common than you think. Many thousands of people have this fear and hypnosis is a great way to be relieved of it. In this video the woman said she has avoided elevators her whole life; and the very few times she was ever in one, she was terrified.

Elevator phobia sometimes is an issue with claustrophobia because of the small room. Others people don’t have a problem with small rooms but they are extremely afraid of elevators. During the interview, the hypnotherapist will explore the intensity and exact nature of the person’s fear.

Hypnosis is a way to help people without being confrontational. In this video the woman states that the hypnosis session was not scary or confrontational. She said that after the hypnosis session she has no fear of elevators and she has been on several with other people and by herself. Before the session she also had a fear of being around crowds but this fear was eliminated as well.

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