Do You Eat In Front of the TV? Wouldn’t You Like to Lose Weight?

You come into my office with a desire to lose weight and you have told me that the majority of times when you are eating you are sitting in front of the television.

Some clients have almostĀ  convinced themselves that eating near the TV makes the reception better.

One of the things that I would like you to do for me as of today, is to implement the policy of eating only at the kitchen table. There are several reasons why this will make a dramatic change in your life.

First imagine yourself sitting in front of the television watching a good movie, and the thought pops into your mind, hey, we have chips in the pantry. You get up, bring the bag of chips into the other room and continue watching the movie. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Now imagine the same situation, but this time you sit down at the kitchen table and eat chips. It really doesn’t have the impact that it once had.

The other advantage is that you can’t feel deprived with this system. basically you can have almost anything you want. the only stipulation is that you eat that food at the kitchen table. You will never find your self saying “poor me, I can’t have any _______ because I am losing weight.” Since you won’t feel deprived, there is nothing to give up on!

Add this visualization of eating everything at the kitchen table to your self hypnosis program and you will be successful with your weight loss plan.