This video shows a woman who is very afraid of clowns. Her psychologist helps her to face her fear in an intense meeting with a clown who shows people how to make balloon animals. Upon seeing the clown the woman becomes extremely agitated but her physiology eventually shows that she is less and less fearful as time goes on.

Hypnosis for fear of clowns can be as successful as this session. However the woman would not have to physically suffer through this excruciating encounter with a live clown. By using a self hypnosis download, this person could work on her fear in the privacy of her own home.

One of the jobs for the subconscious mind is to protect us. At some time in this lady’s life she had a scary run in with a clown which built up this terrible fear with all of its symptoms. Now the subconscious makes any future contacts with a clown just as traumatic. It’s the fight or flight system at work. Using hypnosis to cure this phobia, this lady would be asked to enter a hypnotic trance and while there, imagine a time when this phobia started and then to go back to before it started. At this point she can face the fear rationally and understand that it makes no sense to carry the fear to her present life. Then she would be asked to tell what her life would be like without the fear. Under hypnosis this whole problem can be solved.

Coming out of the trance would be a relaxed woman who is more capable of meeting a clown without going into a panic. You can use self hypnosis downloads to help with any irrational fears. Try it you might amaze yourself!