If you want to add more physical activity to your life, download a mp3 or video related to self hypnosis for motivation to exercise. This video describes three steps for improving your desire for more exercise. When you follow these steps, you will gain a strong urge to do exercise that you love. You will feel very proud of yourself when you stay on this path for a healthier lifestyle.

Three steps to increase your craving for physical activity:

  1. Make a special effort to pick a time for self hypnosis when you will be uninterrupted by others or the phone. Relax your body one part at a time until you feel no tension anywhere. Relax your mind also. Say, “My mind and body are totally relaxed.” Next think of an exercise that you would really love to do. Something that would make you feel so proud of achieving. Even if you lack the skills or training for this activity, it’s OK to imagine doing it and feeling so great. Maybe you would love to be an Olympic ice skater, skier or gymnastic champ. Work your self up into a sublime enjoyment of thinking of this activity.
  2. The second step requires you to think of an exercise that you can do and could really enjoy doing. Maybe it’s running in the neighborhood, walking your dog, walking alone or with a friend. You might enjoy other types of exercise such as dancing, riding a bike, or swimming. Give your self a lot of options to chose from. It is a choice to exercise so you want to do something fun for you. To exercise or not…it’s a choice. You don’t want to chose something that you don’t like or you won’t do it!
  3. The last step is to visualize finishing your chosen activity, feeling proud and happy. See yourself returning home from your walk or run. You come into the house you’re feeling good! Visualize cleaning up and getting ready for work. You’ve made a healthy choice to exercise and it’s a great day! Remember, exercise is one of the keys to weight management. you can lose weight with self hypnosis.

Some activities can be done while listening to a self hypnosis download, others can’t. Because you’re in an altered state, be wary of using any self hypnosis downloads while driving, using machinery requiring your concentration. Please be safe while doing your exercise.