Should I Keep or Throw Away My Cigarettes?

You asked me earlier if you should keep, or throw away your cigarettes.

Let me ask you, do you have any heroin in your pocket?

Oh course not. The reason that you do not have any heroin in your purse is because that is something that you are not going to use today, and it is something that you do not plan on using in the future.

Basically the only thing that you need to keep on you is things that you will be using today, or things   plan to be using in the near future.

Since you will not need, or have to smoke, there is no longer any reason for you to have cigarettes with you.

As you throw them away, you will feel as though some great heavy burden has been lifted from you.

You are now in control of your own life, and actions. Enjoy this new positive feeling.

This thought can be inserted into your self hypnosis download script to use to remind your self subconsciously not to have cigarettes available. What you want to remind yourself often is that “I am a non smoker.!” As long as you keep reminding yourself of this fact, you will be. You can not be a non-smoker and a smoker at the same time.

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