Stop Insomnia With Self Hypnosis


You can use self hypnosis for insomnia and never have to worry about getting a good night’s sleep again. You can experience a restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and wonderful.

First of all most sleep disturbances are related to poor bedtime habits. We stay up too late watching TV or listening to music that isn’t relaxing. We must establish a gearing down of our lives so that when we actually go to bed, we feel calm, relaxed, and ready for sleep.


Ready for a demonstration of how a self hypnosis download can work to help you have a good night’s sleep tonight and every night? Are you ready to begin? Sit back, get comfortable in your seat and relax.

Close your eyes and pretend that you can’t open them. They will lock so tight that they just won’t work. You will find that that your eyes won’t open no matter how hard you try. The harder you try the less they work. The eyelids are stuck together tightly. Now test them and you will find that they just won’t work. you won’t open them until I tell you to do so.

Take three deep breaths and give a big sigh on the third one. Now tell your self: because I want to get a full night’s sleep, and because I want to awaken in the morning feeling completely refreshed, rested and full of pep and energy, each night as I retire I relax every muscle in my body by taking three deep breaths. After each breath I say “sleep now!” and let every muscle and nerve go loose and lomp. After teh third breath, I am so completely relaxed I immediately drift off into a deep restful slumber which remains unbroken until morning. Only an emergency awakens me, and if this happens, I return to bed after attending to it and go right back to sleep within 60 seconds.

It is easy for me to sleep. Throughout my sleep, I am contented and pleasantly relaxed. I always relax completely upon taking three deep breaths, and at bedtime I always go to sleep as I relax. I sleep soundly and comfortably and without effort.

Throughout my sleep I feel calm, contented and relaxed. And I carry this calm, contented, sense of relaxation over into my waking state. I always awaken at my usual rising time and feel wonderful! Completely rested, alert and cheerful. I thoroughly enjoy me deep, restful sleep. At bedtime I just take three deep breaths and think “sleep now” after each one and I go to sleeautomatically. All of these thoughts come to me when in hypnosis when I think of the code word “bedtime”.

Now I am going to count up from three to one and with each number you will become more and more awake, refreshed, and energetic. When I say the number one, you will be fully awake and you will open your eyes and stretch.

Three, your body starts to tingle you may feel this tingling first in your feet and toes, two, the tingling sensation moves up your body to make you feel wide awake and refreshed. One, you are wide awake: open your eyes and stretch.

How do you feel?

Try this as a self hypnosis exercise tonight. Are there any questions. Leave a comment if so.