This 10 minute video is so pleasant that you will feel great after watching it! Beautiful images of sunsets, sunrises and clouds over water show nature at it’s best. The soothing male voice is perfect for accessing the subconscious mind to reprogram self esteem. Positive affirmations about loving one’s self touch deep personal areas of self worth.

These pictures of the sea and sky help to reach the emotions in a magnificent way. We feel an opening up of possibilities as we listen to the words of love and confidence. We can improve our self esteem by listening to these words until we believe them.

Part of the problem with having low self esteem is we don’t think very highly of ourselves. This causes us to respond by having a low self image and we usually present ourselves in a negative light. We think something is wrong with us or that people don’t like us. This type of thinking is self fulfilling. Sometimes others relate to us in that way simply because it’s the way we are thinking.

With self hypnosis and repeating positive affirmations during hypnotic trance, you can improve the way you feel about yourself. Look in the mirror, and express love for yourself each morning. Start the day with a positive attitude and others will follow along.

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