Wouldn’t It Be Great to Stop Smoking? You Can!

Once you decide to stop smoking, you can instantly be a non-smoker. I know this seems like a myth, but it’s not. I know many cases of people having one hypnosis session and they quit cold turkey right then! With self hypnosis stop smoking programs you can quit smoking and never smoke again. Self Hypnosis for smoking cessation downloads are available online and in book and record stores.

Of course you know that smoking is an addiction brought on by certain chemicals in the cigarettes. We also smoke because of habits that are formed by smoking in times of stress, and during leisure activities. Heavy smokers smoke just about anytime. Its kind of like a baby sucking his thumb, he/she does it to get a sense of comfort and develops the habit. Most smokers feel that they can’t quit because they have tried many times. I’m here to tell you that once you decide to quit, you can quit smoking with self hypnosis!

One of the first things the hypnotherapist tells the client is to bring all of their cigarettes and matches, lighters, etc. to the session. During the interview, the therapist tells the client to put the smoking items in the trash. If they can’t do that, they are not really ready to stop smoking. The mouth is ready, but the mind isn’t.

When the smoker states that they are ready to stop smoking, they then discuss all of the ways their life will be different as a non-smoker. They must have a plan for dealing with all of the situations when they are used to smoking. If the first cigarette of the day is at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a bagel, the client must come up with a plan to change that behavior. An example would be to go for a walk at that time of the day. Another activity might be to drink their coffee while getting ready for work and have a bowl of cereal for breakfast. These minor changes can break the usual habit of smoking, while creating a new healthier habit.

Definitely the morning and afternoon smoking break will have to go to the wind for now. Taking a walk or reading a book can be a better activity during that time. Be aware that your smoking friends will try to sabotage your best efforts so stay away from them at first. After a while you will notice that second hand smoke will become unpleasant and this will make it easier to stay away from the smoking section.

Self hypnosis downloads are available to help you reinforce your desire to be a non smoker. Positive affirmations listened to each day will make you feel more in control of your life. It will soon seem silly that something so unhealthy as smoking held such a strong appeal. Hypnosis recordings or actual sessions can help you to find new confidence and new activities to keep you busy.

An article in the Hypnosis¬† Review Quarterly says that when you use self hypnosis to stop smoking the hardest thing is to follow through with the daily suggestions. Think of at least three self hypnosis suggestions such as “I feel great being smoke free!” Put as much emotion into the suggestions as you can. State these suggestions in a positive tone. Say, ‘I love my smoke free life!” instead of “I hate smoking!” A great government resource which offers a lot of help to people who want to quit smoking is the Center for Disease Control – How To Quit Smoking website.

Tell yourself each day that it’s so easy to be a non smoker, you just don’t smoke! “I am a non smoker” “I save thousands of dollars by not smoking”. Think about this money. Now you can afford to buy something nice for yourself or your partner. We’re talking about big bucks you’re saving! Maybe you can buy a new car!

It’s Easy To Quit Smoking With Self Hypnosis Downloads!