Self Hypnosis Can Help You Order Food at a Restaurant

When we are trying to lose weight, it seems difficult sometimes for people to refrain from having seconds or thirds when it comes to eating.

Even if we took a large helping, it is so easy to come back for meor.

The interesting thing is if, we were at a restaurant, we would order what we wanted and be satisfied with the quantity of food in front of us.

I wonder how often you have ordered food at a restaurant, finished the meal, and then ordered a second or third meal.

No, we don’t order additional food, when we go out to eat.

From this moment on, I would like you to respond to a meal in the same way you would at a restaurant.

You will select the type of food, and the quantity of food that you need. The food that you place on your plate will be your meal. Set in your mind that whether you are at home, or away, you will predetermine the amount of food that you will be eating, and you will then respond in the same way that you have alwauys responded at a restaurant.

Only one meal. Only one helping.

safely, quickly, and comfortably you will be reaching a perfect weight of ____ pounds.

Use this self hypnosis download script to work with your subconscious mind regarding number and size of portions. Before long you would not even dream of eating second or third helpings or extra meals.

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