Use The THREE MINUTE RULE With Your Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

 Self hypnosis can help with your weight loss program. The one thing that most of us that are either overweight or have ever been overweight have in common, is that we tend to be sort of compulsive.

This means that there are times in our lives, when we have made a decision and later on we wish that we would have waited.

Many people, have experienced purchasing an item from a department store, and then a week later, they wished that they would have waited on it.

When it comes to making purchases, the rule is to give it seven days. if after seven days the item still has the appeal that it once had, then you can be sure that it is something that is important, or needed.

Now, if you were considering eating one to the above lovely cakes or a delicious cookie, we know that you are never going to wait a week tpo see if it was important to you.

This is where the THREE-MINUTE RULE comes in. If you were tempted to eat a food that is not beneficial in helping you reach, and maintain a weight of ______ pounds, I would like you to give it three minutes before eating that food. Half the time you will totally forget about the food, or become involved in another activity. Then there will be other times when it is no longer important to you. Either way, you will be winning. Implementing tips like this will help you be successful at meeting your weight loss goals. Great nutrition tips can bu found at