View this video to feel calm, relaxed, and stress free. Anxiety is not present when you are not stressed. The soothing waterfall with water flowing downward into a body of water acts like an eraser for stress. Stress just flows away with the water.

The pleasant voice of the hypnotherapist reminds us to release tension in each part of the body and make the muscles loose and relaxed. He asks the client to imagine anxiety and stress just flowing away with the water. As the water flows down the waterfall, so does stress when we make the choice to release stress. When we consciously focus our attention on the water, it distracts us from thinking about our problems and we can work with our subconscious mind to make positive changes. You can use self hypnosis for stress management as well.

The speaker asks the listener to think of their hands laying in the lap and then to think about the hands becoming warm. This is an exercise to teach that we are in control and we can make necessary changes to leave stress behind. Less stress = less anxiety. Continuing to practice the exercises on the video will help the listener reduce stress and anxiety. Try out the self hypnosis downloads, mp3s and videos to get better and better.