Would You Like To Have A Better Memory?

You Can With Self Hypnosis!

Everything you say, see, think or do from birth is recorded in glorious detail deep within your subconscious. It’s easy to train the subconscious to release an exact image of whatever you want to remember. You can do this with self hypnosis. Let’s discover ways to use this tool to the most beneficial outcome.

When you have experiences the details are stored in your subconscious and can be retrieved through hypnosis. Self hypnosis is a way to help yourself by entering a relaxed trance state and visualizing the incident that you want to remember.

How can I remember people and what they said?

Suppose you want to remember something about a meeting you attended. Take a few deep breaths and during your relaxed state, look at the scene as you arrive at the meeting. Then visualize what happens each minute such as meeting a new person. How did they look? What was their name? Did you shake hands? If so what kind of handshake did they have? Do this around the room. Who was sitting where? Who led the meeting? This kind of visualization will help you to remember minute details of the meeting. As you get more  practice you will find that your memory becomes better and better easily–without any  effort at all.

How to remember telephone numbers?

Maybe you want to be able to remember numbers or pass codes without writing them down. In this case, you can visualize yourself writing the number down on a piece of paper. What did each number look like? Can you see your hand and pen moving across the page as you form each number?  Next time you need the number, take a deep relaxing breath and recall this exercise. You will be able to see the number perfectly. This will get easier and easier as you practice the visualization exercise for the numbers in your life.

How to remember where I put my keys?

OK I’m sure everyone has heard the advice about keys. Always put them in the same place when you come into the house. Well, what if you were very tired and distracted when you got home last night and didn’t follow the same routine? This morning it’s time to go to work and you can’t find the car keys. Don’t panic. Remain calm. Take a deep breath and visualize coming home last night. Were you diving when you got home? What did the front door look like? Did you you use your keys or did someone else open the door? What did the door feel like when you opened it? Where was your hand with the keys? Were you in a hurry? What did you do next? In your mind replace your entire experience of coming home until you can see where you put your keys. Maybe the exercise will fast forward and you will think to check one more place such as under the newspaper… This is using self hypnosis to remember where you put your keys. The same method can be used anytime you have lost something.

According to the article, Improve your Mental Recall with Self Hypnosis”, stress can interfere with your memory recall and ability to focus. When you are trying to remember something, remain calm and relax with a couple of deep breaths. “Chunking” is another way to memorize things by grouping parts of the information to recall into smaller chunks. The social security number is an example of this by breaking up the 9 numbers into three chunks which are easier to remember.

Another article, Memory Improvement Through Self Hypnosis”, suggests that while in a hypnotic state you can actually talk with your subconscious about being able to recall anything you want. You tell yourself that you have a great memory and any blocks that prevent you from remembering will simply dissipate away. Next time you want to remember something, you will have no trouble at all recalling everything in absolute detail.

Practice makes your memory better and better. Soon you will notice that you have no trouble at all remembering anything.