This video by Hypnotist DJ Frost, explains the brain conflict that occurs when we use will power alone to lose weight. By adding self hypnosis to lose weight, we have a better chance of reaching our weight loss goals.

We learn in the video that will power is control over the mind and body. Using will power as a means of losing weight is a difficult and exhausting process. When we say consciously, “I will not eat dessert” or “I will not eat bread”, the subconscious mind sets up a conflicting argument, “I enjoy eating dessert”, or “I  feel good when I eat bread.” Should you decide to go with the dessert, you will feel guilty later. All of this thinking tends to be tiring and frustrating.

Self hypnosis can help change your inner thinking, thus bringing the subconscious mind into agreement with the conscious mind. For instance during self hypnosis weight loss positive affirmations like, I love healthy foods, Eating healthy makes me feel good, or I make healthy choices about eating, will reprogram the subconscious. The next time you are faced with an unplanned meal, your subconscious mind will be in agreement with your healthy choices.

Self hypnosis for weight loss takes the difficulty out of making good food choices. While in a deep relaxed state, your subconscious is ready to accept positive suggestions to change old self defeating behaviors. You can be successful with your weight loss plan. Try listening to a self hypnosis lose weight audio or video. Some people like to record their own. Either way will work for you.

So is self hypnosis for weight loss simply will power? No, it’s much better than will power.