A successful self hypnosis for weight loss plan will include at least four components: Smart Eating, Healthy Activity, Goal Setting and How to Manage Your Social Life. This video is about healthy eating. Dr. Joseph Kuhn talks about the many types of food that are really good for you. You’ll be mesmerized by his smooth voice as he describes the many attributes of healthy foods.

Positive thinking about healthy foods while in a very deep state of relaxation can help change your attitude about eating a variety of healthy foods. While you look at beautiful pictures of colorful vegetables, plates of freshly prepared meals, Dr. Kuhn tells about how good these foods are for you. Relax and take time to enjoy this video. Just looking at the slide show of great foods made me want to eat more healthy foods because the foods looked so delicious.

Dr Kuhn reminds the listener to plan meals and plan how you will cook your food. He mentions many ways to prepare foods to be appealing and healthy. He mentions that through positive thinking we can learn to enjoy eating healthy. We can learn to love eating better.

Another aspect of learning to love healthy foods is to show respect of the food in our meals. Before eating we can say grace or use some other way to express appreciation for the meal before you. This creates a personal connection with your food and enhances your enjoyment of eating healthy. The video encourages us to really savor the colors, textures, and variety of  vegetables and other nutritious, healthy foods.

Look for self hypnosis downloads for weight loss. Be sure to include healthy eating in your weight loss plan.