Listen to this video with your eyes closed. There is no picture to distract you. The hypnotherapist leads you to a state of deep relaxation by suggesting that you relax different parts of your body one by one. Start with your eyes. close them and relax you eyelids, tighten them and then relax the eyelid muscles. think of your eyes as being so relaxed that your eyelids are too heavy to open. Relax your face, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, chest, stomach, breathe deeply, relax your feet, calves, thighs, and hips.

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It is important to have a relaxed body and mind for hypnosis to work best.

These hypnosis for relaxation suggestions are perfect for helping you to enter into the hypnotic state where change can occur. This session helps to improve your memory. Your concentration opens the door to your subconscious mind where you can accept affirmations without any doubt that they are true. The subconscious mind is alert to new things, new suggestions.

The voice on this recording is smooth and pleasant to hear. You won’t find any resistance to the suggestions that you have a powerful, strong memory, exceptional memory, and memory improvement every day. You will be able to concentrate and remember anything you want.

Remember that self hypnosis is an altered state. Please do not listen to this recording anytime that you need concentration, such as when driving.