This video shows a man receiving a stop smoking hypnosis session from a licensed hypnotherapist. When you are ready to quit smoking, you can just follow along and receive a self hypnosis session by listening. Great results can be achieved through self hypnosis. You will love the super relaxed state of your mind and body. It so easy to stop smoking, just practice being a non-smoker. As long as you practice being a non-smoker, you won’t smoke.

First the client was asked to relax by focusing upon a place on the wall, and then to places closer and closer to his face. Shortly, the client just closed his eyes and entered the trance state as evidenced by his relaxing more and more. Soon he was in hypnosis deep relaxation shown by his having no control over dropping his arms to his lap. Another technique was demonstrated by the client’s holding out his arm in an extremely stiff position showing that he was very strong. By releasing this arm position, the man demonstrated letting go of old patterns of behavior, including smoking.

Through age regression to a time when the client didn’t smoke, he learned that it was possible for him to make the decision to not smoke just as easily as he made the decision to smoke. He accepted and released the cause of his smoking. Making this decision while in hypnosis reprogrammed the subconscious to quit smoking.

Several people commented that listening to this video helped them stop smoking. Self hypnosis downloads, mp3s, and videos can be the answer to smoking cessation. Try it for your self. It can’t hurt.

Self hypnosis can help you quit smoking right now!

It’s great to be a non smoker.