Hypnosis for the fear of snakes is a cure for this phobia. When you have this fear it can be quite self limiting. Just thinking of snakes or seeing a picture can provoke the horror of the creatures and start a whole bevy of physical symptoms such as sweating, muscles twitching, shortness of breath or hyperventilating.  Whatever the reason for your fear of snakes, you can be rid of it with hypnosis.

This video shows an actual hypnosis session with a man who has an intense snake phobia. The introductory interview gets him to describe the intensity of symptoms. he said he feels like he is going to be sick just trying to explain it. Using a technique called rewinding, the hypnotherapist makes suggestions that he rewind his life until he gets to the place where he didn’t have this fear of snakes.

At the end of the video the man is seen holding snakes in his bare hands as he is amazed about what he is actually doing. He says that before he absolutely couldn’t have touched a snake. He credits the hypnosis session for the major change in his life.

Self hypnosis downloads come into play next as he reinforces the treatment by listening to the session on tape. A follow up video shows the man being interviewed three months later . He describes a completely different person who is no longer afraid of snakes.