The very confident lady in this video tells what to do to end your fear of public speaking. Speaking in front of a group is the most feared thing in the world. When people are asked to rate their fears, this fear beats even the fear of death. People who are afraid to speak in front of an audience have similar imagines. They think that people listening to them will be disapproving of what is said. They also feel that the audience will make fun of them.

People who like to speak in public have the opposite imaginings. They believe the audience will love them and enjoy what they have to say. Lots of people really like public speaking and they feel great after their speeches. With self hypnosis the fear of public speaking can be changed.

There are three things which can help anyone who has stage fright or fear of public speaking.

1. Practice, practice, practice! Plan a beginning, middle and ending to your speech. Practice giving the talk as many times as needed so you will be able to give it without thinking. This doesn’t mean that you have to memorize the speech, just be so familiar with the beginning, middle, and ending, that the words flow naturally.
If possible visit the facility where the speech will be done before the presentation. Try it on for size. go up on the stage. Test walking up on the stage and leaving it. It helps to be familiar with the location.

2. Visualize your success. Spend time imagining about how it feel to finish your talk and have the audience shower you with applause. Really visualize your successful public speaking experience. Self hypnosis downloads can help with this process.

3. Remember, it’s not about you! It’s all about the audience. You have valuable information that the audience wants and needs. You are just sharing your knowledge with them. It’s not about you….

You can give a talk in front of others and feel great about it! Practice makes the task easier.